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We are a welcoming church. We know that every church website says that, but really, we mean it!

We hope that whether you are visiting because you are passing through, or looking for a new church family - whether you are arriving all by yourself, or showing up in an extended van - whether you are dressed in your Sunday’s finest, or you pulled on the shirt from the floor that wasn’t too wrinkled - we want you to know that you are welcome.


Most days we try to keep the mood light and the service filled with laughter.

We feel that gathering together is important, but we try to not take ourselves too seriously.

There are programs for kids, and normally we have coffee/tea and snacks after church.


We look forward to meeting you soon.

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New to Stevens Road

or Looking for Information?

Check out the I'm New page which includes our FAQ. This has everything you need to know about what our church is like.


Stevens Road was founded in 1956 and has changed a lot since. Check out our church's history and learn how we have grown.

Old Book


If you're interested in reading our vision and mission statement as well as what we believe check out the page linked below.


Steven's Road has some amazing staff members who are always available to help you with all your needs.

Please check out their information and more below!

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