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Stevens Road Baptist Covid-19 Update #11 – Sept. 29, 2021

Stevens Road United Baptist Church Family;

I hope you have found time to enjoy the final days of summer and the opening weeks of autumn. Over the past few weeks we have been working to prepare for the coming phase 5 of Nova Scotia’s reopening plan. While we have been doing this you have likely noticed that covid case counts have been trending up which first caused a delay in launching phase 5 and now it has required a modified version on the planned phase 5 regulations and recommendations.

On September 29th Premier Houston and Dr Strang outlined some of what Phase 5 will mean for Nova Scotia. In short on October 4th gathering limits, and social distancing mandates have been dropped for formal gatherings like churches. Indoor masking has however has remained mandatory for the time being.

At the church meeting on September 22nd we talked about how we would gather and what rules we would follow to ensure safe gatherings and productive ministry. We sought to strike a balance between personal choice and cooperate safety. The following gathering rules will go in affect at Stevens Road on October 4th. Please note that means our Sunday service on October 3rd still follow the phase 4 gathering limits and social distancing.

Starting October 4th;

  • Masks are required for all church gatherings

  • Social distancing will be reduced on Sunday’s skipping only one instead of two allowing those who want space to maintain it, small groups and meetings are suggested to maintain some distance between people

  • Hand sanitizing stations will stay in place, and cleaning will happen after gatherings.

  • Everyone entering the church needs to be free of covid symptoms and sign in.

  • Vaccinations are not required to attend Sunday morning service, but are required to volunteer with children and youth, and participate in the music ministry as a singer or if you play a wind instrument.

As we step into this next chapter I am excited to see where God will lead us, and I look forward to following his path with wisdom, and with love.

Pastor Christopher

On behalf of Staff, Deacons, Trustees, Christian Education, and Finance

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