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Stevens Road Covid-19 Update #14 December 22nd

We are currently in the final days of Advent, the week of Love. It is my hope that you have found moments this week that have brought you all manners of joy, along with hope, peace and love.

You likely have heard that on December 21st Premier Houston and Dr Strang announced that on Wednesday December 22nd Nova Scotia will be adding some regulations back to help slow the spread of the newest wave of COVID-19. There are a number of new regulations across sectors, the ones the most affects us are a reduction in gathering limits and the moratorium on congregational singing.

The gathering limit has been reduced for faith gatherings to 25% of capacity to a maximum of 50 people. For us that means we can have about 25-35 people in our sanctuary. Most other gatherings, youth group, bible study etc would be reduce to a maximum of 10 people.

The moratorium on congregational singing I find most disheartening, though understandable. Choirs, worship teams with multiple singers, and congregations are being asked not to sing. But a church can have a vocalist. David and Pastor Christopher are working on how best to engage with this current guideline.

Other rules that have either always been effect, or put into effect when the regulations changed on December 17th are;

Masks must be worn indoors

Physical distancing of 2 meters must be maintained between people outside of your consistent group of 10

Proof of vaccination is needed for all church gatherings except for regular worship services. We are requiring anyone who participates in the music ministry or volunteers with children or youth to be fully vaccinated.

These new regulations will be in effect until at least January 12th

In consolation with representatives from Deacons, Trustees, Finance, Christian Ed and the Moderator we have made the following decisions;

We will go ahead with our planned in person Christmas Eve services. Originally attendance was set to a max of 50, that has been reduced to a max of 35. At the time of writing neither service has more than 20 registered.

You can book for the 4pm service here -

You can book for the 6pm service here -

If you would rather worship at home on Christmas Eve we have a special service will be available on YouTube and Facebook by 9am on December 24th.

We have also decided that Sunday December 26th and Sunday January 2nd we will have online only services. They will be available on YouTube and Facebook at 10:15. We are planning on being back together on January 9th and are hopeful some of these new regulations will now longer be needed after January 12th.

While this is not where we had hoped to be this Christmas it does not need to rob us of our Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Jesus is with us today, every day and always.

Pastor Christopher

On behalf of Staff, Deacons, Trustees, Christian Education, and Finance

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