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Stevens Road Covid-19 Update #13 December 14th

We are currently in the third week of Advent, the week of Joy. It is my hope that you have found moments this week that have brought you all manners of joy, along with hope, peace and love. I know the SRKids concert on Sunday brought me a lot of joy.

By now you likely know that on December 13th Premier Houston and Dr Strang announced that on Friday December 17th Nova Scotia will be adding some regulations back to help slow the spread of the newest wave of COVID-19. There are a number of new regulations across sectors, the one the most affects us is the return of physical distancing.

That means that during Sunday services, the Christmas Eve services, and all other groups and gatherings in the church we will again be maintaining 2 meters of distance between each other. In the sanctuary the pews will again be staggered skipping two pews per row.

One of the differences this time is that we are not required to stay with only our household or one additional bubble. Instead the Province is asking us to keep our social circles to a consistent group of 20. That means on Sunday if there is someone that is not a part of your household but is someone you regularly interact with you can continue to sit together.

We are having two Christmas Eve services. One is at 4pm and the other is at 6pm, both services are set to a maximum of 50 people. You do need to book your seat for the Christmas Eve service, but not for Sunday morning at this time.

You can book for the 4pm service here-

You can book for the 6pm service here-

Vaccinations are not required to attend Sunday morning service or a Christmas Eve service, but are required to volunteer with children and youth, and participate in the music ministry.

If you would rather not join us in person we still live stream our services each Sunday morning, and a Christmas Eve service will be available on YouTube and Facebook by 9am on December 24th.

While this is not where we had hoped to be this week does not need to rob us of our Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Jesus is with us today, every day and always.

Pastor Christopher

On behalf of Staff, Deacons, Trustees, Christian Education, and Finance

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