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Stevens Road Baptist Covid-19 Update #9 – June 16, 2021

Stevens Road United Baptist Church Family; It’s been about two months since out last COVID update. Since then we have seen the third wave of COVID-19 rise and fall and thanks to the quick lockdown and high levels of compliance Nova Scotia is in a much better position than it was. As of the Afternoon of June 15th, Premier Ian Rankin on behalf of the province announced a number of regulations being loosened across the province. The regulation that most directly impacts us is rising of the number of people allowed to gather to 25% max capacity or 50 inside places of worship and a total of 10 people in your home. This change means that in-person worship services can begin again. Our first in person service will be held on June 27th 2021 at 10:15. Preregistration will be required. Keep an eye out for an email, or call the office. The regulation changes have left us somewhat uncertain on what the gathering limits are for small groups, like WMS, Youth Group and the Bible Study. They are for sure allowed to meet with ten so long as everyone wears masks and stays socially distanced. It is possible those groups could be larger we are in the process of reaching out to public health for clarity. A small group specific update will come out in a few days. While some of us are excited to be able to gather again, we understand that not everyone is ready for in person gathering. Allow me to remind you of all of the other ways to stay connected with us without coming to in person church on Sunday mornings;

  1. Each week we are having a digital church service that includes prayer, announcements, bible reading and preaching followed by SRkids Church. An order of service is also being e-mailed out each week. You can catch the service at this link You do not need a Facebook account to watch it ‘live’ on Sunday2. The same digital church service is available on YouTube on demand at 7:00am. No account is needed to watch this video. 3. The Sunday sermon will be uploaded to our podcast by Sunday afternoon No account needed to listen. You can also find this podcast using your favourite podcast app 4. On Sunday Morning at 10:15am you can come to the church parking lot and listen to our digital service via FM radio signal 88.5 FM. This service is the same service that will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 5. Each week between Friday night and Saturday night an order of service e-mail is sent out to everyone on our mailing list. This e-mail has up to date announcements, prayer prompts and various links to click so you can listen to music, watch or listen to our Sunday service. 6. We are encouraging staying in contact with one another through phone calls, text messaging, e-mails, and even old fashion letters. We are also organizing a group of people who will call everyone in our directory to check in and see if they have any prayer requests or needs to be met. 7. SRKids Church has a weekly YouTube Show that can be accessed from our YouTube channel No account needed. 8. And lastly, we understand that money may be a personal issue for you and your household in this time but we ask that you please consider giving on your normal schedule if possible. We accept e-transfers (, we can set up automatic withdrawals, checks can be mailed, picked up or dropped off through the church’s mail slot handy the office door. We also want to say thank you for being faithful in your giving so far, it has been a blessing.

It is my deep hope that this is the start of a slow and steady return to normal. We are starting to imagine what church will look like in the Fall and I am dreaming of potlucks, baptisms, and the church filled with laughter and singing in the coming weeks and months. But know that whether you gather with us in person or online you are a valued member of this community and are loved. Pastor Christopher On behalf of Staff, Deacons, Trustees, Christian Education, and Finance

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